Founded by Mr. Tushar Kanti Chakraborty in 1988, the company recently completed her 33 year journey in 2021. During the initial years, we mainly worked on rural electrification projects under West Bengal State Electricity Board. With the birth of WBSEDCL in 2007, we have been working as contractors in their projects. Over the years we have also worked on miscellaneous projects under CPWD. We are enlisted as contractors in CPWD and KMC and as Principal contractor in WBSEDCL.

We are looking forward to expand our work on civil sectors like roads, buildings etc. On our 33th anniversary, we opened a new division P.T. Enterprise Renew Power (PTERP), which specializes in providing SOLAR PV solutions.

Now, we specialize in undertaking Wbsedcl, Wbsetcl and other govt projects throughout West Bengal. We have also started to grow in the field of solar EPC projects in govt as well as commercial domain. Our prime future prospect aims at inclusive and effective utilization of both renewable and non renewable energy to generate power in a balanced way which would lead to an environmentally balanced and advanced nation


To provide reliable services and solutions of high integrity.

To help safe, secure and uninterrupted supply of electrical power while observing health, safety and environmental standards.

To offer products, solutions and services that optimize the reliability, comfort and performance of buildings and infrastructures while meeting ecological and sustainability requirements

Pole Erection
Transmission Lines and Line Uprating
Erection of Transformer
Service Connection
High Voltage Distribution System
Rural Electrification


P.T. E.R.P. is a Division of P.T.ENTERPRISE, specializing in consulting and aggregating SOLAR PV systems. We work with team of architects, engineers and electricians to provide our customers highly engineered solar solutions for kW to MW scale projects.

With a diverse portfolio of services ranging from Captive Solar Power farms, Off-grid and Grid-tied solar energy systems suited for both domestic and commercial use. We provide solutions for Residential, Commercial, Industries, Schools, Hospitals and Government buildings.

With a keen focus on continuously striving to maintain optimum service delivery and quality while maintaining the best safety standards. know more

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